ZACK’s Strata was established to fill a recognised gap in Strata Management Services in the Cairns and Far North region.

Realising that many Committee members and owners were disappointed or dissatisfied with the level of customer service they were receiving for expensive fees, Christine decided to take up the challenge of providing “service with a smile” at an affordable and reasonable cost.

Our Mission

Is to provide positive, friendly, helpful and timely advice and support in a professional manner to all members of your strata community with the goals of achieving:

  • affordable fees,
  • well maintained common property,
  • efficient management of administrative and financial requirements and, ultimately;
  • a harmonious and peaceful community.

Our Vision

That ZACK’s Strata will set the benchmark for delivery of Strata Management Services in Cairns and the Far North region.

Secretarial Services Provided

  • Convene and attend the Annual General Meeting and Committee Meetings
  • Call for the nominated positions of Executive and Ordinary members of the Committee
  • Prepare and distribute Meeting Notices
  • Record and distribute Minutes
  • Respond to general communications and correspondence

Please refer to the relevant section of the Agreement for full details of all services provided

Financial Services Provided

  • Open, maintain and operate a bank account for the Administration and Sinking Funds
  • Prepare a Statement of Accounts for each financial year
  • Prepare draft Budgets
  • Issue Levy and other contribution notices
  • Receipt and bank levies
  • Process and pay accounts
  • Issue monthly cheque summaries
  • Monitor credit control
  • Recovery of outstanding levies

Administrative Services Provided

  • Attend to the decisions of the body corporate and its Committee
  • Make available records for inspection
  • Establish and maintain rolls and registers
  • Maintain and keep records
  • Pay insurance premiums and lodge claims
  • Attend to arrangements for the maintenance, repair or replacement of the common property or body corporate assets.


Additional Services Available

  • Making Applications and Submissions to the Commissioner and other authorities
  • Giving instructions to and attendance upon solicitors, accountants and auditors
  • Attendance at hearings
  • Assisting in the preparation of Community Management Statements
  • Instructing consultants and implementation of requirements under the Workplace, Health and Safety Act 2011
  • Consultancy in relation to specific legislative issues
  • Mediation and Dispute Resolution facilitation

Christine is available during business hours and, in the case of emergency, also After Hours. Usually your Chairperson is the point of contact however any owner with questions about their body corporate are most welcome to contact Christine.

Some of our clients include:

Accent On McLeod

Barklya - 10 lot housing estate at Kamerunga

Barrine Apartments - The Lakes

Bills Trade - Commercial property

Blue Sail Court

Buchanan Apartments - The Lakes

Chateau Bohemia

Colonial Gardens

Dalrymple Apartments - The Lakes


Eacham Apartments - The Lakes

Gateway Lodge

Heritage Village - 40 lot housing estate

Kingfisher Apartments

Koolivoo Apartments - The Lakes

Lake Morris Apartments - The Lakes

Minnie Street Apartments


Mitchell Apartments - The Lakes

Palm Cove Commercial


Palmer Court


Placid Apartments - The Lakes

The Lakes Cairns - principal scheme

Trinity Gardens

Ulysses Blue Estate - 55 lot gated community

Wallamurra Towers - mixed commercial (medical) & residential

Wuruma Apartments - The Lakes

Wyara Apartments - The Lakes