ZACK's Strata - Personalised Professional Strata Management in Cairns

ZACK’s Enterprises Pty Ltd, a local family owned and operated company, is now proud to be able to offer Strata Management Services to bodies corporate across Cairns and the surrounding region.

Christine Kolenc is a practiced Strata Manager with more than 8 years professional experience managing both small and large schemes. She has recently established ZACK’s STRATA and is able to assist you with secretarial and administrative support, insurance cover, compliance with BCCM legislation, common property maintenance support, by-law matters, conflict resolution and other consultancy services.

The management services offered by Christine are client focused. She is steadfastly committed to making all decisions with your body corporates welfare first and foremost in her mind.

Absolute integrity and unquestionable ethical standards are core values of our company. Our word is our bond, we build trust and we keep that trust sacred.

In particular, Christine delights in promising a lot and delivers on those promises! She has earned the respect of her clients because of her superior service delivery.

Community management is all about relationships - we value and honour our relationships with clients, suppliers, contractors, partners, associates and stakeholders.

Portfolio record and financial management is delivered via online software company MyStrata, a small but talented team of programmers, investors, marketers, lawyers and customer support professionals that are passionate about technology and the efficiencies it can deliver to strata managers and their customers.

With a head office in Brisbane and branch offices in Dubai, Malaysia and South Africa, MyStrata is a proud Aussie company flying the flag in more than 12 countries. Their cloud based solutions are used to manage some of the world's most iconic projects by leading property firms.

By choosing ZACK’s STRATA and Christine Kolenc to manage your body corporate you can be assured of three significant facts:

There will be a constant focus on getting it right

Work will keep going until the right outcome is achieved

The client is the one who determines what "right" is.

Christine will work with you to assist you to manage your body corporate the way you want!

Please contact us for more information!

The Lakes Resort & Spa - Cairns


By: Cr Andrew Cusack J.P. (NSW), B.Comm, AMC, LREA
Body Corporate for Accent On McLeod

Accent On McLeod has been through some very tough times. 

We have suffered from a poor initial build causing severe water penetration of the roof, balconies and walls, tiles lifting throughout apartments and common areas and multiple general failures in equipment and infrastructure. We have previously been let down by substandard rectification contractors, a self-serving committee and ambivalent Strata Managers.

When things go wrong it lands right in the Committee’s lap to be sorted out and a Strata Manager is invaluable in this process. Without the support and dedication of a good Strata Manager buildings can rapidly deteriorate and at Accent we know all about this.

A new Committee at Accent along with Christine as our Strata Manager has started the long and arduous process of turning Accent On McLeod around. Good decisions are being made and efficiently actioned and the building is being carefully restored and rejuvenated whilst day to day management is being efficiently managed.

Now, there are Strata Managers and there are Strata Managers…….There are the ones that just plod along and do their 9am to 5pm job. There are some that put in a greater effort and go the extra mile on occasion AND THEN there are a very small few that are like an OWNER and that is what Christine Kolenc is to Accent On McLeod.

Christine is competent, efficient, patient and courteous. She is calming, knowledgeable, diligent, supportive, communicative, reliable and dependable.

Whether it is sorting out those everyday problems, helping with or giving advice on the rules or regulations, taking a phone call at 10pm at night or on the weekend or maybe just giving me the opportunity to let off some steam - Christine is an exceptional Strata Manager and does it all with a smile.

There are very few Strata Managers that will provide this level of support to their owners!